Tuesday, July 26, 2011


 Moving...again.  Something my husband and I have done a lot of over the years.  This apple pie, and apple cookies are for my PA that I work with, for a generosity bestowed on my daughter and me. (No, I wasn't stingy, she's watching her weight.) She and the other girls in the clinic where I work, have watched with amusement, the blossoming of a crazy cookie passion.  So, new job, new home, new job duties, new everything..."that's a whole lot of "new" says my PA. She's right.  But, as before, I will survive.

This pie and cookies were for the staff on the farewell luncheon day..."are ya gonna make a batch of cookies for us before you leave??" they wanted to know.  "Sure," I said.  I didn't say it would only be cookies.  This just seemed like the thing to do.  It kinda feels "fall-ish" to me...and with this hot summer we're having, it definately felt right.  I'm already looking foward to that first really cool morning.  Ummmm.  Fall cookies, anyone??

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