Thursday, July 28, 2011


See what I mean??? I told you I like ladybugs.  These were for a 4 year for her birthday at her daycare. She picked out her favorite one as soon as her mother brought them home. (I think it's the sparkly purple and white one top left hand corner)And her mother, being the good mom that she is, dutifully marked the favored one, and sent them to daycare with the daughter.   But...there were several boys in the class too, so we decided we better have something that wasn't so "girly".

That's when we decided to do butterflies too. Well..
some of these look kind of girly too, but I guess the boys didn't care.  Mom said no cookies were returned at the end of the day( I think she was secretly wanting to eat a few more:))  You see the plaid cookies...I try to put one in each dozen that I make( making a bakers dozen=13). So far, that has been a pleasure to the customers. Thanks for the order, Laurie.

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