Monday, January 09, 2012

Happy New Year...let's get going

 Yeah, I was the tail end of November when I posted last.  December turned out to be a really busy month for me, and was a test of my abilities.  I think I passed.  Except for posting on my blog...hmmm...I failed that one big time.  So, I will try harder to do a better job this year, plus show you how I do some of my cookies.  And I'm talking about the ones I do out of other shapes.  It's becoming one of my favorite things to do...sort of a personal challenge to myself, and it pleases my sense of frugality and practicalness(is that a word?).

 Like these clocks...all made with geometric shapes.  Ovals, rectangles, squares, and circles. Sure, you have to trim sometimes, to get the shapes you're after, but that's the challenge.
     The clocks were done for my Dad, and he was delighted with them. Then I threw in the New Years Cookies to go with them.