Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Sugar sheets, and edible ink...who knew???

I apologize profusely about the long absence from posting on my blog.  Life happened, and as you can guess, I'm not a die hard blogger.  But...I've been getting lots of questions from lots of you about the Canon copier, and the printed sugar sheets, so I'm going to put it down on paper for ease and accessability!  My husband bought me this Canon MG 5320 copier for my birthday (he's very thorough when he researches new products)...about $100 for that...ordered from Amazon.  It uses edible ink cartridges that are ordered from,..they cost $75, but last quite awhile for me as I pretty much use the sheets for  
my cookies only.  It makes short work of logos, and photos.  Sorry, I just don't have the patience, or the desire to do those things by hand.  Also, the sugar sheets themselves come from Kopykake, and as you will see, there are several different sizes to choose from.  Here's the business card sized one loaded, ready to go for an order I will be working on today.
Here's what the package looks like...shows you what sized sheet, how many on the sheet, and, as you can see, there's 24 per package...they run about $29 dollars or so.
Kopykake provides a free online service to use these sheets, and they walk you thru the process.  You have to log your new sheets in with a code number to get access to the programs.

When you push the start button, it brings up this screen, and then you select which size you're using, and you go from there.  As you can see, lots of different sizes.  My daughter lives too far away to make use of Mom's machine, so she will probably get one of her own, as she has begun to do cakes, and word is starting to get out. So, these will do large sheets as well.

    There's also another program called IPhoto Express that we bought for $28 dollars that Kopykake also carries...I don't use it as often, but it definately has it's advantages.  The support team is fairly good at answering questions...I'm not as computer literate as my husband, but together we get it done, and have had great success with the copier.  Hope that helps...if you have more questions, let me know.  Sharon