Tuesday, August 23, 2011

A Bun in the Oven

    Our daughter and son in law are expecting their second child...a little girl...SOON!!! She will have a wonderful, Godly home to grow up in, and so many people in this life who will love her and nurture her. (and spoil her...ahem)  As a special treat, I bought the peekaboo baby cutter from Ecrandel, and waited for this baby shower to make the first cookie for our daughter.  She was delighted!  It's one of my favorite cutters, and such fun to decorate.

      Baby showers are such fun anyway...there's just something about little shoes, little socks, onsies, rubber duckies...not to mention the beautiful homemade things like hand crocheted blankets, and outfits, and creative quilts with monogrammed details.  AND cookies!!! :) And the cutest baby carriage made out of a watermelon!!!  Such creative people in this world!


And, of course, Big Sister!!!  She is going to be such a big helper...I can tell already.  I could hardly get her to hold still for her picture...can't you just see the "hurry up, Grandma, I wanna go play" look on her face.  I will be making more of the "baby" cookies soon...for the nurses this time.  Guess I better quit playing on the computer, and go get busy. See ya all real soon.  We can do fall leaves, and acorns, or such.