Friday, October 28, 2011

A Spanish Birthday

My nephew is a senior in high school this year, and just turned 18!!! Wow!  When did that happen??  They seem to grow up faster than your own kids... probably because we're not watching them as closely as we do our own.   Nevertheless, here he is...a young man getting ready to venture out into the world.  He has taken to his spanish courses like a duck takes to water. With great enthusiasm!!  And he's good at it.

His Mom ordered cookies to celebrate his birthday... green, white, and red...some spanish phrases, etc.  My daughter, who speaks spanish well, helped me with the phrases, and the rest was sorta up to me.

I originally froze, for 30 minutes, the cookies that I wanted to write on. Then after they sat for a little bit with the writing on them, the writing seemed to fade.  Out came the frosting bags to do the letters...I know,...double steps.  But you do that sometimes in the effort to learn.

I can tell the difference between the two pics...can you?  The one directly above the one to the left is not done with the frosting.

This one in the middle, also got a treatment of icing, first in black, and then when I realized I should be using white icing instead of black( ease of reading), I went back over it in white.  Which, unfortunately , you don't get to see.(It's gone already)

Next up...I want to try some gourds.  Weird, I know, but hey, gotta give it a try.  Sorry about the long interval between posts.  I will try to do better.