Sunday, August 14, 2011

Go Bulldogs!!! And another school year begins.

 Can you believe it?? Summer, whew!!,(that's me wiping the sweat away) is almost over...sad to say that the tempuratures are probably not. They will probably be with us a while longer...but I digress. beginnings for lots...a chance to redeem for others.  New clothes, catching up with friends you didn't get to see much over the summer...remember??? Brings back lots of fond memories for me.  Hmmm, I wonder if it's the same for the kids in this generation.

 These cookies are for the teachers at the high school in Jay, Ok., a small town to the south of Grove, Ok., another "little bit bigger" small town on the edge of a big "Grand Lake".
 The son of the Judge my husband works for, goes there. The Judge has placed many orders with me...she is a very enthusiastic supporter of the school and all that is associated with it.  She is also one of my "fans", and a delightful souce of free advertising.

These dog bones were also school related, done a couple of weeks earlier, for the same school...same color scheme. I think the kids got this batch.  I'm sure they didn't waste too much time demolishing them.   These bones were my first attempt at doing zebre striping...see 'em in there??  I need to go back to Sugarbelle's tutorial and watch it again...somethings missing.  (I'm pretty sure the kids probably didn't even notice. :0).