Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Fall...it's just around the corner.

 I'm so glad, aren't you?  It's my favorite season of the year...I love the musty smell of the leaves, especially on a rainy morning.  I love the first morning you walk out the door, and there's a little "bite" in the air.  I love the bunches of mums I see planted in peoples yards blooming to beat the band. I love the reds, oranges, golds, and yellows of fall.
 I love the first pot of chili, the first fire in the fireplace, and the extra burst of energy that makes me want to be more productive.(cuz I'm not melting the minute I step out the door)  I love thinking about cool weather plants, and crock pot recipes.

My leaves are a poor example of the beauty of God's  painted leaves in the fall. But it's fun to try.  I'm not sure what our leaves will look like this year due to the hot, DRY, summer.  They'll probably just turn brown and turn loose.  But that doesn't keep us from  imagining wonderful colors.  So, keep smiling, and baking...fall will soon be here.  We'll be able to open the windows and let the heat from our ovens(that are making wonderful cookie creations) escape out into the cooler air.