Tuesday, September 27, 2011

The Barnyard Birthday Bash

    This was indeed the most fun order  
I've done yet.  I had the invitation  and the enthusiasm of  a soon to be 3 yr old for inspiration.
     My kopykake projector came in very handy for this order, and it made the project easier.  Once again, an order with some specifics, and the artistic latitude that makes the job more fun.  The little lambs are inspired by PAM@CookieCrazie, and are easy to make. I found the "nag" horse online, as well as the duck. 

 I was told by Jocelyn's mom that the girls divided up the cookies...(her sister got the dalmation order awhile

back) and that Jocelyn spoke for the barn.  (Smart 3 yr old...more cookie):)  The rest were divided up between family and relatives, and friends. I saw the table setup on the mom's blog @Jtothe5thpower.com,  and was impressed by the decorations.  A good time was had by all, especially the birthday girl.  Thanks for the order, Julia.  It was truely my pleasure to do these for you and your family.