Thursday, November 10, 2011

Fabulous Fall.

      After all the leaves and "acorns" (the candy ones), I felt like doing something different. I got "stuck" on gourds. I becamed fascinated with the coloring of them, especially the ornamental ones. And the bumps.... so here is what came of that.
     And I think I'm just as intrigued with the textures as I am the shapes and colorings.
      One of the other cookiers, whose blog I follow, also did some gourds...Pam @CookieCrazie. She did some amazing work...go check it out. There have also been several others that have done them, which has been fun for me to's amazing to see how each of us can take the same theme and do such totally different work. 

So, from there I went to the know, those things that fall down on the sidewalk in profusion in the fall, and make your stride look a bit funny at times..;).  They cover the ground, and the squirrels go nuts trying to recover them.  Here again, I love the textures of them.  These take a little longer to do, allowing for a little drying time to get the bumpy effect...but, all in all, fun to do.

     Don't you remember, as a kid, playing with these? Ok, so I'm weird, maybe. But I loved finding the caps, and then finding the nuts without the caps and putting them back together. (Hmmm, so I was trying to "fix" things, even back then. Interesting!)

     Next up...Christmas cookies. And a new "toy".

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