Friday, November 11, 2011

Christmas Will Be Here Soon

     This is the first Christmas order of the season...I know, we haven't even had Thanksgiving yet!!! Nevertheless, here they are. The snowflakes aren't hard, just a little more time consuming...maybe as I get better, they'll take less time. It's kinda hard to see the detail in the blue ones....maybe that's just as well...that way you can't see the boo-boos. :)

The Christmas ornament set I bought last year, that I just couldn't wait to use, turned out to be sorta disappointing...they are smaller than I imagined in my mind....all except for these.  As you can see, the designs are simplistic...toothpicks, straight lines, and dots for the most part. Sanding sugar, and disco dust on some do a lot to dress them up.

I didn't have a cutter for an angel, so I found some clip-art, and made one.  I wasn't sure how they would look, but, overall, I think they didn't turn out too bad. Whaddaya think?

These turned out to be some of my favorites...go figure. Toothpicks and straight lines again.  You can see the bigger stars in one of the following pics, same technique.  I love is so simple to do, and looks great when you're finished.

This is one of two boxes of cookies for this customer.

And this is the big set (minus some of the yellow ones) of stars. I hope to have a new toy soon, one that can be used for different kinds of cookies, and less wear and tear on the hands. 


  1. Sharon - These are simply gorgeous!! WOW!!! How did you find the time to do them all? I really do love them all - with my favorites being the snowflakes and stars -- I can't stop staring at them! Beautiful, beautiful work! :)

  2. HI!....I must say u do very nice work.....that is the direction I'm leaning...toward cookie creations...I was a cake Decorator for 7 years...for Giant Foods...and did cake decorating on the side when i left....I love being creative..and the job I'm at now as an activity assistant for a nursing Home..doesn't really allow me to allow my creative juices flow...on a regular bais..only maybe Holidays...or if they need me to paint something...I bought my share of books..on how to get started..with licenses and health dept..and such,..and the whole..trying to figure out what to name my business..ect...and not to step on any toes with names ect....very stressing..not much for the business end..alll for the creative's a learning process.....I was thinking cupcakes and Cookies..since cupcakes are sooo Hot right now..but, I think..I would over tax my self,..with both.....I would love to become..self sufficient financialy.....before I quit my evening job.....If you have any suggestions?? or creative advice to swing my would greatly be appreciated.....thankyou!

  3. Do you only do royal icing??? or do you also work with Fondants?????

    1. Actually, these cookies are done with a meringue sets up, but doesn't set up hard and crunchy like Royal Icing. The recipe is on my blog here if you'd like to try it. And no, I haven't used fondants yet, but would like to try it. I'm still learning myself. If you have 7 years cake experience, you could be up and going in no time. If you're a woman of faith, pray about your "business name". One will come to you that is uniquely you, and that you love. Good luck with the nursing home are doing a valuable service there, even though it may not feel like it now. I think you'd be amazed at how you can stimulate your creative juices and theirs at the same time. All my best!! Sharon